Another lovely Vancouver Day and on Dunbar Street we had a great turn out for the make up day with folks working on weaknesses or hitting a CrossFit WOD they had previously missed.  There were some stand out performances and personal bests worth noting!

5:30am Brawn did the Team Series WOD, Dangers worked on Muscle Ups, Crusher got something like 49 consecutive backward skips and Sandman began to develop his butterfly kip.
6:30am Music Man tied Sandman & The Touch with 4 Thrusters at 165#.  BFG beat our team average with a 5:23 finish on Team Series Event #6!

9:15am the “couples class”.  Hammer & Sass, Doc Disc & Shine, Sam I Am & Road Warrior.
2015-10-16 10.20.44

12:00pm We had a special guest at noon: Baby Brick!
2015-10-16 13.05.342015-10-16 12.57.35

5:00pm Mellow & Magnum RX’d the Team Series Event #6.  Magnum scored a 4:48!  The he went and performed his first muscle up.  No kip!
2015-10-16 18.02.08

6pm Finished it off with Open Gym during which MK RX’d Team Series Event #6.  A very eventful Make Up Day!