A grey, damp Vancouver Saturday morning on Dunbar Street.  A quiet morning too.  Today was a chance to catch up on CrossFit WODs you might have missed or work on weaknesses.

7:00am Road Warrior & Dr. T were the only two at the usually popular 7am class.  They worked on shoulder & wrist rehab/prehab as well as some muscle up practice.
8:00am Freshly returned from Barbados, Magnum joined G-Money for this week’s 7 rounder and RX’d it.  Dangers practiced various skills and Super Mario, barely off the plane from Milan, worked on the hang squat snatch and hang power clean
10:00am T3 made his group class debut joining Tamahock & Jersey for the 7-rounder.  Fast Trak practiced her Split Jerk and Outlaw the hang squat snatch and hang power clean.
Happy weekend to all!