On Tuesday you will get another shot at a workout you missed or an opportunity to work on a skill of your choice. That is right it is make up day again. For any of you taking on the open get some movement in to prepare feel good and to be ready for Thursday’s announcement.

Your extra option will be thirty, twenty, and ten of alternating dumbbell snatches and box jumps. This is a great one to get a little bit of movement in and because it’s shorter you will warm up with twenty minutes of slips.

Pressure makes diamonds


For those of us not challenging ourselves with the crossfit open find a challenge or an obstacle to overcome this week. One of the best parts of competition is its ability to push you outside of your comfort zone. Those of us non competitors will not have that same experience. We may do the workouts but they don’t really mean anything or there is no real weight to them.

With this in mind, what is something important that you will take on this week? How will the process move you in the right direction? The last year has been very challenging for all of us and because of the obstacles I have been more aware of the little victories along the way.  It does not need to be a huge thing, but what obstacle can you take on to move your game forward?

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday in the open gym and on zoom.





  1. Row & wall ball 2


Cal Row

Wall balls 14/20


  1. 50 bar MU


  1. 7 rnds


15 Ghd Sit ups

15 Back extensions

10 Thrusters 95/135

10 Clean and Jerk 95/135


  1. 30-20-10

Alternating DB Snatches 35/50

Box Jumps 20/24”


  1. 40 min of SLIPS
  • MR Lion