On Thursday It will be time for another make up day. You will have a great opportunity to take on a workout you missed, develop a skill or try one of our additional options. The additional options will include empower reset number seventeen and Rowing and handstand holds.  For full workout options have a look below and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Youth Fitness , Teens personal training, summer youth and Varsity programs

We have our Teens (varsity program) running Mondays and Wednesday’s at 4 to 5 pm and Kidsfit (Junior Varsity Program Grades 4-7) Running Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:40 to 4:40 pm. Did you know we also do Teen and youth personal training as well? If you would like a more individualized approach and are look to help your child develop speed, strength, power and more athleticism our youth personal training programs will help.

If you are interested in more details for your children or would like details on our summer youth programs please email [email protected].


Thought of the day

We all go through tough times and will be thrown for a loop from time to time. In the moment it’s hard to see the why or the way out but the more you focus on what’s in your control and work to your capacity in the moment the better things will turn out. If you are being challenged right now don’t be afraid to reach out. As coaches we are here to help.



  1. Hang Squat Clean & Ring Dips

15 minute Amrap

12 Hang squat cleans 95/135#

15 Ring Dips


  1. Clean and Jerk



  1. Hope for Refugees

3 rnds (1 minute each movement)

8 m Shuttle Sprint

DB Snatch 35/50#

Cal Bike

Weighted DB Step up 20/24” 35/50#

Strict burpee



  1. Empower Reset # 17

1 Minute Belly breathing lying on back

30/30 sec Head nods/Rotations


2 mins (10 reps each)

Hollow to superman roll

Egg rolls


2 min ( 10 reps each)

Cross Touch plank Bird dogs

Judo Push up rocks


3 rnds

1 min hourglass crawl

30 sec hour glass leopard crawl


2 min

Max headstand hold

10 sit throughs


3 rnds

1 minute hands free get up

1 minute Goblet squat


400m Front Rack KB Carry


  1. 3 rnds

500m Row

2 minute handstand hold

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