It is time for another make up day. Any of the workouts that you missed will be a great option and we also have a ten rounder of Turkish get ups and kettle bell swings on the menu. How option four will work is, you get to choose a dumbbell, kettlebell, back pack, etc and will use it for both movements (post the weight in your notes).  You will have one minute of each movement and no rest between rounds. This equals a fun twenty minutes for you. If you want you can do a reset or try some of the skipping drills down below.

For those coming into an open gym and on zoom  please come in with an idea of which workout you want to do or skill you want to practice and we will be there to help get a good workout in.

Thought of the day

One hundred L-Pull-ups?  I was not too excited when I saw this one released. Funny enough I was telling a client, yesterday, how much harder a high number of just pull ups would be compared to burpee pull ups. I looked back at my previous times and saw I did Strict L chest to bar pull ups in twenty two minutes and thirty five seconds. My goal on the workout today was to go sub twenty minutes.

It was a push but mission accomplished. There is my challenge done for the week and Yeti just so you know it went really well. Some would even say good. Setting little games for you to play can help you really focus on the task at hand and get a bit more enjoyment out of your training.  The challenge is not just to push you but to breathe life into you during a tough task.  We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.


  1. Gi Jane

100 Burpee pull ups


  1. Med Ball Run/ wall ball

5×3 minute rounds

200m medball run 14/20

Max Wall balls 14/20


  1. 12 Minute amrap

3 Snatches  105/135

6 Clean and jerk 105/135

9 C2B

54 DU


  1. 10 rounds

1 minute TGU

1 minute KBS

  • Leon