It is Tuesday and time for another make up day. There are many options for you so please choose wisely. Because Sunday was a choose your hero day there are two hero workouts on the menu: Ryan and Jack. For those of you on zoom and in the open gym the coach on duty will be there to help you figure out the best way to get the workout done with the equipment you have.

The other two workouts you may have missed are: five rounds of one minute handstand hold  and twenty one toes to bar. The second is deadlifts one set of five, two set of three and three singles. These are workouts you may have done before so have a look in zen planner to see your time or what you lifted last time.

Your make up day options are,  forty minutes of SLIPS (stretching, L sits, Inversions, Planks, and Scales), not a bad choice if you are feeling sore, or a twenty minute every minute on the minute (EMOM) of three power snatches and overhead squats.

Thought of the day

I was watching a movie over the weekend that I grew up with and I remember it being one of the best movies ever. Don’t get me wrong I still really enjoyed it but I think it may not be as good as I thought. Have you ever experience that? You many enjoy something just because of nostalgia and not necessarily what it is or the quality of it?

Has it ever been in reverse were you thought you hated something and realized it was not too bad after all? In the cycle of workouts coming up, after the makeup day, there will be benchmarks and repeat workouts. They may give you a nice little dose of nostalgia especially for all you benchmark lovers out there. Maybe they will even feel easier than you remember but only time can tell.  Choose wisely and we look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gyms.

(Real footage taken from the 5 am class last make up day)


  1. 5 rnds

1 minute handstand hold

21 T2B


  1. Ryan

5 rounds

7 Mu

21 Burpees


  1. Jack

20 minute AMRAP

10 reps of each

Push press 85/115#

KBS 1/1.5pood

Box Jumps 20/24”


  1. Deadlift



  1. 40 minutes slips


  1. 20 Minute EMOM


3 power snatches


50% of OHS 1rm

  • Leon