It is that time of the week again; make up day. As you know by now makeup days are a great opportunity to make up a workout you missed, work on skills, reset, or challenge yourself with one of the additional options. Choose wisely and make a choice that sets you up for success as you close out the week.

There are many challenges for you to tackle on the board and I really like the Southwood program. This workout will be a good opportunity to work on a few lifts throughout your hour. If you choose this workout we have a few ways of tackling it. We will discuss these different options tomorrow.

Thought of the day

As summer and the end of school approaches I find productivity and getting what we committed to done can be challenging. In fact I slacked most of my afternoon and dreaded needing to write my third blog in as many days.   One of the tools I have been using from CrossFit ,on days like today, is the AMRAP. When the clock is on in the gym you are not checking emails, making phone calls, or worrying about any other distractions.  You are just 100% focused on accomplishing the task at hand.

The more that I use this Idea for work, family time, and other important tasks that need to get done. The more productive I realize I can be. What in your Life needs to be AMRAPED and given a dedicated amount time today? Try it and spend less of your time worrying about the things and being able to be present to the things that truly matter. We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in group classes, and in the open gyms.





  1. Tabata’s

(full 4 minute/ 8 rounds  tabata of the movement then rest and move on to next movement)

Back Squat 65/95#

1 minute rest

L-Sit Hold

1 Minute rest

Ring Row

1 minute rest

Handstand hold

1 minute rest

Cal Row


  1. Deadlift



  1. 20 minute amrap

10 C2B

15 Push-ups

20 Alternating Pistols

Every three rounds do a 400m run


  1. 50-40-30-20-10

Medball cleans 14/20#

Box Jumps 20/24”


  1. Southwood program


Power clean

Military press

Front squat

Bench press

( bar from floor no racks allowed)

  • Leon