A bunch of tough CrossFit WODs this week.  Friday was an opportunity to take on a WOD that you might have missed or to just play it low key and work on weaknesses.

5:30am the Dunbar Street early morning crew included a surprise visit from G-Money who took down benchmark WOD Linda with Crusher.  Meanwhile Yeti, Road Warrior, Dr. T & Sandman did weakness work.
CrossFit Dunbar Street

6:30am as we shifted into the Vancouver pre-dawn Shades, Rowdy, Auto & Dauntless took on the Clean & Jerk-Wall Ball WOD.  Terminator soloed Linda and Fe Prof did the weighted pull ups.
CrossFit in Vancouver

9:15am was quiet today Sam I Am worked weaknesses while Shine & Doc Disc battled Linda
CrossFit couple

12:00 Hard Rock was the first today to RX the clean & jerk-wall ball WOD.  Boomer, Bat Girl & Prime played along.  Skipper tested Linda and Dangers worked weaknesses
CrossFit group class

5:00pm Sprite was on the pull ups while Haiku did Linda.  Blossom and Captain were on the clean & jerk-wall ball WOD with Magnum who RX’d it.
CrossFit fitness