Friday’s WOD was designed specifically for home bound conditions and assumed limited equipment and space.  It delivered a good hit of intensity without requiring much besides a bit of grit and determination.  If you want an impressive number, multiply your total reps by the load you used in the WOD and you’ll understand why this WOD provided such a hit despite the relatively light load.  Our Question of the day was for members to share a time they had a run in with the law.  And were there some juicy stories?  You bet there were!  But we’re not going to rat anyone out.  Snitches get stitches.  You had to be there if you wanted to get some of the dirt on your Empower classmates.

Saturday: Candy or Maggie?
Have you ever had to make up your mind?  CrossFit HQ gave us a tough choice: Candy or Maggie?  Personally I love Maggie’s HSPU’s which are one of my favourite CrossFit movements and I’m really loathe to miss an opportunity to work on my pistols which haven’t been programmed in well over a month.  But if I’m being honest with myself I don’t currently have either the physical capacity or the hours in a day to complete 100 HSPU, 200 chest-to-branch pull ups and 300 pistols.

What would you do in this situation?  I decided to combine them to make my perfect girl: Mandy.  Rounds 1, 3 & 5 I did Candy, rounds 2 & 4 I did Maggie.  It was a perfect sunny, summer day in the park with a wonderful cooling breeze which made the ordeal totally tolerable.  This was good since it felt like this WOD was never going to end, and that was just round 2!

Part way through the WOD as swarm of bees took interest in our pull up tree, obviously agitated by all the shaking of branches our pull ups were causing.  But we were too invested, we’d come to far in this workout without another likely pull up spot in sight so we brushed off the occasional bee as we soldiered on.  Lucky for us they didn’t seem in a soldiering mood themselves because we were badly outnumbered if they decided to turn aggressive.

As expected, my favourite part of the WOD was the HSPU’s though I felt they were not nearly as strong as they used to be.  It was a real struggle and I had many failure reps and just as many moments of doubt but I was happy to complete all 120 pistols which is a lot for me.  Still, Super Mario has nothing to worry about.  The pull ups actually got stronger as I went and the push ups and squats felt great as we’d recently done a high volume with Hero WOD Mandela.

In the end it took me 1:26:26 to get through this sexy hybrid girl WOD.  Grueling to be sure, but you can hardly complain about 90 minutes basking in the sunlight with the greenery of Almond Park around you.  This is one that might have been easier but not nearly so enjoyable if performed in the gym.

Warm Up
3 Rounds
Yoga flow right & left
15 Banded Rows

Pull Up Options
Push Up/HSPU options
Squat/Pistol Options

Candy                                                   or                            Maggie
5 rounds                                                                              5 rounds
20 pull ups                                                                          20 HSPU
40 Push Ups                                                                       40 Pull Ups
60 Squats                                                                             60 Alt. Pistols

Cool Down
Lat Stretch
Tricep Stretch
Samson Stretch
Forearm Stretch
Quad Stretch