Took an extra fish oil pill last night so that my back would be looser today.  Will need to be careful with it.

Woke at 4am 15 mins before my alarm.  Off I went.  Lovely Vancouver morning walk up Dunbar.  Sitting in the car yesterday did my back no favours but walking feels great.

Had a pretty packed to-do list for the day.  By 9am that list had tripled.

5:30am The Dawn & Sandman hit a WOD

6:30am G-Money, HHH, FeProf, Quicksilver, Dangers, Big Cat

The Touch & I hit a CrossFit WOD together

5 Rounds of
In 3 minutes:
20 GHD Sit Ups
20 Hip Extensions
Max Rep Front Squats @bodyweight
Rest 3 minutes

Not doing body weight today!  Not going fast on the front squats either.  Safety and back health my priority.  I chose 135#, The Touch went with 165#.  Good scaling choices for us both.

Other than the dizzy sea sickness of upside down the WOD felt pretty good on my back.  Got 41 reps, The Touch 55.

Plumber came to install our new water system.

12pm Jersey, K-Pop, Farm Strong (PB Pull Up!), Brick
A busy afternoon but I powered through most of my work getting my to-do list complete apart from my blog.

Did an eccentric holds WOD before meeting with Still Waters.

5pm Mr. Fantastic (first HSPU), Bruiser, Captain (HSPU 1 abmat), Still Waters & XI (first 10K for both girls!)

6pm MK (HSPU 1 abmat), SJ & Joe

7pm Coached Team Lovebird

8pm Peril, Special, Smash (Deadlift PB), Doc Disc, Bender, A-Train & Mighty Mouse
Special gave me a lift home.  I was starving.  Got to bed and found I was utterly spent from long non-stop work day.  Great to have tomorrow off:)