On Wednesday you get the opportunity to challenge hero workout Manion. Like most hero workouts this one is very long and takes some mental strength to get through.  If you are a newer member I would advise to scale the weight and try fifteen back squats instead of the twenty nine each round. Don’t do the math but the volume is quit high on this one.

I got through it faster than expected but my leg strongly disliked me after.  With whatever progressions you choose challenge yourself and put your best foot forward. Zoomers you can do an odd object squat and we will find a two minute cardio substitute for those without a running route.

Before Manion

After Manion

Thought of the day

Should you hit the rx on manion? Ninety five and one thirty five are not heavy weights but they can creep up on you if you are not careful.  If you have doubts about it ask the coach on duty and we are more than happy to help figure out a good weight and other scaling options for you.

I found this one was a great challenge in the moment but I needed to take a few days lighter and slower after it. If you are very sore after Manion don’t miss Thursday’s workout.  It will be a great movement day and time to work on some handstand holds. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.


QOD: What is your favourite hero wod?

Warm up (1 minute each)

Hip swings

Left plank

Back lunges

Right plank

Marching or High knees


Build Back squat



7 rounds

400m run

29 back squats 95/135#

Cool down

Lying on your back belly breathing

Pull overs

Hip cross overs

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