Unstoppable 20 in 2021
With the shortest month behind us, I’ll be doing the attendance check this week to see who is still in the running for March.   I don’t know for sure but I have got the feeling that we’ve got quite a few Empower members still in the game and going strong.  Good for you!

2021 CrossFit Open
It is almost here!  The first event of the 2021 CrossFit Open will be announced Thursday March 11th.  Register here to compete.  Get your judging credentials here.  DT says to bring your costume and brighten someone’s day – maybe your own!  COVID can take away our BBQ and it can take away our party but it can’t take away our fun.

Women’s Day Event
Join Shades March 13th at 4pm for an Athletics’ Tower Stair Ruck Climb in support of Stronger Together Vancouver’s Workout for Women’s Day Event.

How many times can you traverse the Tower Stairs (Trail 4) with a weighted pack in 60 minutes?  Come get some fresh air and experience how a Rucking workout builds full body strength! Weights provided. Bring a sturdy backpack and a towel to stuff around weights to hold in place.

Email [email protected] to reserve a spot or sign up here.

COVID Restrictions
What an interesting 12 months it’s been!  We’ve done well so far.  Though our province has remained open for business throughout most of the pandemic we’ve been able to manage our COVID numbers reasonably well.  We need to continue practicing safe social distancing for the time being but as more of our members receive the vaccine our transmission risks will continue to drop.  Open windows and masks really work!  Keep it up Empower, we’re doing all the right things.
(Motor being compliant courtesy of BFG)

Burpee Buy Out
There are still some burpees owing on the whiteboard that will double March 1st.  While we will continue the 25 burpees for late arrivals, we will be phasing out the burpee penalty for missed sessions and replacing it with a $25 charge.  In March we will allow you to choose a burpee pay off or a $25 pay out but any unpaid burpees remaining on the board April 1st (no joke) will be paid out and thereafter all missed sessions will be charged at $25.  Arriving after the warm up is finished will constitute a missed class.  

Monday WOD

Equipment: Barbell or alternative

Warm Up
3 Rounds:
1 min Skipping
1 min Front Squats
1 min Shoulder Presses

15 Thrusters (heavy)
Run 200 meters
20 Thrusters (medium)
Run 400 meters
30 Thrusters (light)
Run 800 meters

Cool Down
Dragon Pose
Pigeon Pose
Quad Stretch
Calf Stretch
Pass Throughs