We have a lot to report for the month of November beginning with:

1) Masks v Movember
You can look at it as Empower carrying the Halloween spirit into the winter months or as a conspiracy to hide the horrors of Movember.  Either way we will be adopting a in-gym mask policy.  Coaches will wear them while leading classes, members will wear them while travelling between stations.  Thanks again to our medical professionals who were unanimous on this one.

2) Lifestyle Challenge
Have you given up on accelerating your fitness with the approach of the holiday season?  If not, we will be launching a fun Lifestyle Challenge November 1st to 30th to help keep you (or get you back) on track.  We will be tracking sleep, recovery, mindset, exercise, active lifestyle and of course, nutrition.  There will be no weighing and measuring.  Each week we will have a fun challenge and a coach check in.  $99/person, 7 spots remain.  Hit the holidays in top form.

3) Couples’ WOD
Treat you and that special someone to a little sweaty competition courtesy of the WOD Father.  Enjoy a fun one hour session just for two.  Ask Livewire and Spice about their experience.  Just because it’s fun does not mean it’s easy!  CrossFit experience is not required.  Can you beat Livewire (103) and Spice (125)?  $170 for non-members, $100 for Empower members.

4) Athletic Assessment
Book a 30-min Goal-setting and athletic assessment with WOD Father and get a personalized training plan.  We will identify your weaknesses and create a plan that will help you accelerate your progress.  $60 per person.

5) Remembrance Day
November 11th is a holiday, we will be cancelling any classes with less than 3 registered members.  There will be an 8-hour cancellation for holiday classes.

6) More Open Gyms!
You may have noticed a few more open gyms in our schedule.  Now in addition to 7am and 7pm, Mondays and Wednesdays we are also offering 10:30am Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

7) Apparel Order
Empower T-shirts, hoodies and face masks are coming.  Thanks Thunder for connecting us to a great supplier.  We will be offering pricing and taking orders shortly.

8) Rig Pending
Two days ago we received confirmation that our long awaited rig expansion parts have finally shipped from Montreal.  We will be closing one Saturday for installation.  We will let you know when everything is booked.

9) Zoom Memberships
This week we welcomed back 3 beloved Empower members who are joining us by Zoom from Ontario.  We’ve been reaching out to our old friends around the world and inviting them to take advantage of technology and come back to train with us.  $199/month or $149/month on a 6-month subscription.

10) Burpees Owing
Any burpees that survive Halloween night untreated will turn a cruel trick by doubling November 1st.  If you’re on the board, get them done.  Cash payout or dance video also accepted.

Saturday WOD
This is a big one.  We can for sure fit 10 attendees with some sharing of space but only 6 of these will have access to the pull up bar.  We will provide an outdoor alternative should we have more than 10 people turn up for class.  Please remember to bring a mask and wear it when travelling between stations.

Equipment: Band, Barbell or Dumbbells, Rower or alternative

Warm Up
1 min Judo Push Up Rocks
1 min Table Pose
Banded Shoulder Sequence:
– 10 Full rotation pass throughs
– 10 Face Pulls
– 10 Pull Aparts

Row alternatives (6-8 mins)
Bar MU alternatives (C2B, Jumping Bar MU, etc)
Push Jerk Review (7 in a row with difficulty)

WOD: 2007 Reloaded
1500m Row then:
5 Rounds:
10 Bar MU
7 Push Jerks

Cool Down
Shoulder Pass Throughs
Tricep Stretch
Lat Stretch