Masks help prevent COVID transmissions. Maybe like me you were resistant to the idea. I still refuse to wear one when outside. But Hawkeye shared this study explaining how the shortness of breath experienced wearing masks is mostly subjective. Though the study found that masks had a slight negative impact on performance, they did not put athletes at risk. Bottom line, masks may be a bit uncomfortable but they are safe to wear during exercise, help prevent COVID transmission and do not interfere with your performance as much as you say they do – guess we all have to come up with another excuse;)

With recent developments it is best that we remain over-cautious while at the gym. The new variants sound more frightening and have already wreaked havoc in South America where the third wave is hitting hard. While those variants have not yet become a big issue here, cases of the regular old Coronavirus variant here remain high after Spring Break shenanigans. We’ve had a couple more asymptomatic members test positive but because they were away from the gym during Spring Break members were not exposed. Both are doing well and feel fine. Many more of our members have received the vaccine over the past week and several are scheduled for the coming week. But let’s continue to be careful in the gym, especially with distancing and face coverings but let’s also dedicate ourselves to remaining fit.

1.5lbs per month is the average weight gained by adult Americans during the lockdowns. That’s about 18lbs per year. Obesity is one of the factors associated with poor COVID-19 outcomes and the average American is now heavier than they were this time last year and therefore more at risk (of COVID and a host of other health problems) than they were last April.

How about you? Have you let the shut downs render you more susceptible to disease? Social distance for safety by all means but do not let your fear of exposure rob you of your health. Keep moving, keep eating well, keep on taking care of your fitness! Your survival depends on it!

It all comes back to agency, about taking ownership of your health and your life. It is all well and good to get the vaccine when your turn comes up but don’t just passively outsource your health. Rather than waiting to be rescued, take charge of doing what you can for yourself now so you are not at the mercy of the vaccine distribution schedule!

Sleep well. Eat well. Exercise diligently. These days it matters more than ever!

Monday Make Up Day

1) 4 Rounds:
400m Run
50 Lunges

2) Hope
3 Rounds
( 1 Minute each movement)
Power snatch @55/75#
Box Jumps @20/24″
Thrusters @55/75#

1 minute Rest between rounds

Score = total reps

3) Christine
3 Rounds:
500m Row
12 Deadlifts
21 Box Jumps

4) 1 min Belly Breathing W/ Knees Bent And Feet Flat On Floor

30 sec Head Nods Lying On Back
30 sec Head Rotations Lying On Back

1 min Upper-Body Rolls
1 min Lower-Body Rolls

5 mins
20x Dead Bugs W/ Head Elevated
10x Straight Leg Windshield Wipers

5 mins
10x Elevated Rocks
20x Cross Crawls

6 rounds
1 min Forward/Backward Crawl On Hands And Knees
30 sec Forward/Backward Leopard Crawls