Sorry Hardrock, not trying to be mysterious, all will be explained.  But not all right away.

With The Touch covering a few days a week I’ve had space to catch up and reflect and take a good hard look at the business and what needs to be done to help CrossFit Empower thrive.  Today I will speak to one massive action as it relates to this blog.

A meeting with my friend Tariq last week planted a seed.  And my recent reflections led me to a good long sit down talk with Springs at the Cosy Inn Cafe on Dunbar Street this fine Vancouver morning.  His wise words added some fuel and perspective.

First, how it all started:  The blog began in response to CrossFit clients repeatedly asking “What does a paleo breakfast look like?” Every attempt to describe my eating led to puzzled looks until I realized the best way to communicate this was with photos and simple ingredients lists.  It was meant to be short term but oddly the blog grew a following.  It seemed to be helping people, so I continued.  I added in my training so folks could see how nutrition and exercise worked hand-in-hand.

It was never supposed to be about me.  And in my mind it never was.  But over the past couple years starting up a business life has been crazy busy and the blog deteriorated into an effective, low-cost way to improve our website’s Google Search ranking (thanks Brawn & Music Man for that coaching).  It worked.  But somehow in my tired, hurried state, the blog stopped being about you.

Thanks for the reminder Springs!  It is you, my athletes that inspire and motivate me and I wish to serve and celebrate you and your accomplishments in this space!

For friends like Tariq I wish to share the benefits of CrossFit wherever they might be.  For those of you closer to home, I want to acknowledge your dedication to health & fitness.  I am ever humbled by your example!

The first video is already made but I will hold its release date for several days as I create and edit more.  It will be a lot of work.  But you are worth it!  In the meantime, here is the action from Wednesday July 22nd.  In Hermosa Beach the CrossFit Games officially got under way and at CrossFit Empower our athletes were out in force to work on their fitness!

The 5:30am crew seems to be returning to form.  Clue was in to work on her HSPU and strict, unassisted pull ups.  Dangers did some solid Snatch balances with heavy load.  Sandman was showing marked improvement on his handstand walks.  BFG crushed the 5x5minute row beating Magnum who previously held the top score.  And Brawn took on the all-shoulders WOD posting what would prove to be one of the day’s best performances.
6:30am was just as busy as 5:30.  Codex & Music Man did the 5x 5 min row.   Yeti, Shades & G-Money battled through the shoulder WOD.
9:15am Go & Shine took on the row while HeeHee & Princess developed their delts.
At noon it was just Brick & Jersey on the rowers.
5:00pm Aquagirl was on a mission to set the top women’s score today on the 5x 5 min row.  The boys (MK, Statue & Captain) were all about the shoulders.

At the 6pm Open Gym Hard Rock nearly matched Aquagirl’s rowing score.  Foiled by delayed buses Fast Trak only had time to complete a few rounds of rowing.  PomPom and Mellow took on the 12 min AMRAP with double unders.  2Badd & Super Mario did the shoulder WOD and Super Mario was the only person today to complete it RX’d!

7pm On Ramp with Showtime, Fast Feet, Waterboy & Minion.  Today we tested them and Minion passed with flying colours becoming the first to graduate from our On Ramp program into regular classes.  The way she destroyed double unders the other day should put everyone on notice.  The boys are near ready for group classes too.  No doubt they will be graduating shortly.
8pm Fresh from graduation Minion joined Dragon & Ski Patrol for the shoulder WOD at 8pm and finished solidly ahead of them both too!  Watch out!

Today I videoed my WOD and spent extra time creating how-to sections that will bring value to our friends training away from home.  I will archive it and post it in this blog on the day it comes up so we can all WOD together.  I worked hard and long on it and look forward to sharing it with you:)