The switch over to our new website/system has disrupted my posting pattern so please bear with me as we get everything sorted out.

Friday’s Group Classes came in for the 10K Run which turned out to be action-packed!

The noon class saw Doc Disc, Smash & Magnum go head-to-head all 3 finishing under 50 minutes with Magnum putting up the day’s best time. Even more exciting were all the personal bests: Doc Disc, Dangers 2 weeks after his recent Sun Run best, Quicksilver (3 minutes!) and Skipper – a 4 minute personal best!!!

And what did I do while everyone was out running? Data capture from our old website. All day. Yuck.

Great running everyone:)

The Touch & I did take a break for some CrossFit: deadlift.

Got some good news and some bad news. Isn’t that just like life.

Kaelin sick with a fever.

It will be a busy week getting everything up and running and ironing out the glitches and I am happy to be moving forward with this new, improved system:)

In the afternoon I did some supplementary work as I begin my prep for next year’s CrossFit Open. I have some very specific & measurable goals. Will post them soon.

Some Vancouver sunshine sure brightened the Dunbar neighbourhood.