On Tuesday you get to take down Five Three minute rounds of a two hundred meter med ball run and Max wall balls. You will also get a one minute rest between rounds. To be honest I really like the format of this one.   Come in with a goal number of wall balls and once you are done your first rounds you should know if you over or under estimated yourself.

For the zoomers, you can do an odd object, dumbbell, back back, or kb thruster for your wall balls. If you don’t have 200m mapped out or space to do your run, a timed hold will be a great alternative for you. Those of you coming to the open gym please stagger your start and let the on duty coach know which med ball you will need for your workout.  The three minutes goes fast and slow at the same time and you should have at least ninety seconds to work through some wall balls.

Thought of the day

Walking to the gym today I had the five rounds of three power cleans at two hundred and twenty five pounds and sixty meter shuttle sprint on the menu.  To be honest coming in I was a little challenged, two twenty five is a do able weight but has been a little hit or miss recently. And to be honest my true goal was to get some touch and go reps. Warming up I had three options in my head depending on how it felt.

When I hit two fifteen for an easy double I knew it was my day for two plates. The cool part was, I was able to touch and go, the three reps, for three of the five rounds and did not miss a single rep on the power cleans. Saying this is not just to humble brag but to remind you that your training should push you out of your comfort zone and some days you may be questioning if you can do it at all.

Our challenge for you, this week, is to pick one of the workouts and choose a scale that is more difficult then you normally would. If you are wondering how to challenge yourself or have other questions please ask the attending coach. We are happy to help you step out of your comfort zone. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.


QOD:  What is better the med ball run or the wall balls?

Warm Up

3 Rnds (1 min each)

Back lunges

Full body rock

Plank ( L,M,R)

Marching or cardio equipment


Med ball run

Wall balls


5x 3 Minute rounds

200m medball run

Max Wall balls

1 minute rest between rounds

Cool down

Trunk rotations

Hip swings

Couch stretch

Pull overs

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