We are very fortunate at CrossFit Empower to have among our membership a full complement of medical professionals representing various disciplines.  In fact, over 20% of our members work in medical related fields!  Much of our good fortune of course is owing to our location on Vancouver’s West Side.  Dunbar Street is home to many professionals and we are close to UBC as well.

But CrossFit is not the only fitness option available in the neighbourhood and each of these accomplished individuals have chosen CrossFit and CrossFit Empower specifically.  We are grateful for the confidence that they put in us and the contribution that they make to our community!

BFG (CrossFitting since 2013) A Geriatric Physician BFG sees daily the importance of maintaining strength and function as well as aerobic health into the later years.  The CrossFit program delivers exactly that and at CrossFit Empower our focus is on adapting the programming to make it sustainable for older athletes.
CrossFit_ Empower_Dunbar
Mr. Fantastic (CrossFitting since 2014) An ER Physician Mr. Fantastic sees serious trauma and health emergencies every day.  Fitness can help prevent so many of these tragedies and Mr. Fantastic is the embodiment of a lifelong commitment to health and well being.
Bruiser (formerly at CrossFit Vancouver, at CrossFit Empower since 2014) An Orthopedic Surgeon Bruiser repairs sports trauma injuries everyday and is well-aware of the risks related to sport.  And she chooses CrossFit to stay fit and healthy.
The nursing team.  In addition to Doctors, CrossFit Empower boasts several nurses including: PomPom (formerly of CrossFit Westside, at CrossFit Empower since 2015), Bat Girl (at CrossFit Empower since 2014), Hard Rock (since 2014) & Tamahock (since 2013)
We have our Dentist Dr. T (formerly at CrossFit Vancouver, at CrossFit Empower since 2013)
Our Sports Chiropractor Doc Bones, Chiropractor for the Vancouver Giants (formerly at CrossFit Vancouver & CrossFit BC, at CrossFit Empower since 2013)
CrossFit_Empower_DB_OHS5 (4)
Our Occupational Therapist G-Money (since 2014)
1 CrossFit_Empower_Wall_Ball
Quicksilver MA Human Kinetics, PHD Health Promotion Research who is on Faculty at Douglas College’s Therapeutic Recreation Program (CrossFit Empower member since 2013)
Springs as a Senior’s Home Administrator also sees daily the importance of maintaining strength and function into the latter years (formerly at CrossFit Kitsilano, at CrossFit Empower since 2013)
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Thunder (not pictured) is our resident Paramedic and she sees severe medical emergencies daily and experiences firsthand the importance of a strong and healthy lifestyle (at CrossFit Empower since 2013)!

And we also have our team of Mental Health Professionals, the team of Counsellors and Social Workers who know and value the importance of exercise and fitness to a person’s health and well-being: Codex (since 2015), Hammer (since 2015), Fast Trak (since 2014), Shades (formerly at CrossFit Westside, at CrossFit Empower since 2014)

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We are grateful to our Medical Professionals and all the knowledge you bring to our community.  We are grateful that you have chosen CrossFit Empower even when other options were closer or more convenient.  We are grateful for the trust you put in our Coaches and happy to see the way CrossFit has contributed to your life and you practice!

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