Today’s the day!

Our 11th annual 12 Days of X-Mas event!

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Meeting ID: 847 8815 5096
Passcode: 191325

This year we invite members and non-members alike to join us in this fundraiser for Lightning, Thunder and their family!  Participation is by donation.  You can make your donation here.

10 am Saturday December 19th
We will start with a quick warm up and movement review.

Then we’ll hit the workout.

Equipment: a single Dumbbell or kettlebell or backpack

Empower 12 Days of X-Mas 2020
1 Reverse burpee
2 TGU (Turkish Get up)
3 HSPU (handstand push up)
4 Single Arm OHS (over head squat)
5 Push-ups
6 Weighted lunges
7 Burpee overs
8 Single arm thrusters
9 KBS (Kettlebell swing)
10 V sit-ups
11 Pull ups
12 Squat cleans

After the workout we will have a very brief award ceremony.

Thanks for coming out to join us!