For Christmas Eve we have bench mark Michael. Michael is three round with a run, back extensions and sit ups. If it is cold and icy out we can always substitute a row, bike, ski, burpees, or running on the spot.

If you don’t have a GHD machine you can do good mornings or curl ups for your back extensions. Sit ups should be pretty straight forward but if we have any issues with them we will make changes.


I took on Michael on Sunday morning in the dark and it was the right way to get my day started. While I was out on the run I had the song above stuck in my head. For those of you on the fence of coming in of take extra holidays give it a listen. See if it motivates you like it does for me. Hope to see you this Christmas Eve for a classic workout. See you on zoom and in the open gym.



Warm up

2 rnds

Get ups

Side planks



Back ext

Sit ups



3 rnds

800m run

50 back extension

50 sit ups

Cool down

Calf drops

Trunk rotations

Couch stretch

  • Leon