Gym chalk.  It’s always been a challenge.  These days more than ever.

In COVID times chalk sharing is out of the question.  But chalk blocks don’t travel well.  They crumble and make a mess.  Much of the block ends up getting thrown away.  Not so bad if you have a bucket to catch the crumbles and powder in but a bit of a problem when it’s collecting in the bottom of your gym bag.

Along comes Jedi with a solution, her friend’s new company: Midnight Lightning offers liquid chalk.

We’ve toyed with liquid chalk in the past and liked it.  It coats your hands longer so you do not need to re-apply during the WOD.  It travels well and leaves little mess.  And in these times of constant hand washing it is reassuring to know Midnight Lightning’s chalk at 70% alcohol is about as an effective a hand sanitizer as our hand cleaning solution.

What we like better about Midnight Lightning is that rather than discard the bottles when empty and paying a hig price for the replacement, these bottles are refillable preserving both the environment and your pocket book.

The New bottle sells for $10 complete with handy carabiner.  Thereafter each refill (available at the gym) is only $5.  Ask your coach if you would like to purchase a bottle.

Thanks Jedi for the handy hook up!

Tuesday WOD
Warm up
2 rnds
1 min head nods
1 min hollow (hold, rock)
1 min inch worm (push up, pike push up)
1 min pass throughs
1 min handstand hold
1 min hollow to super man roll
1 min bear crawl (straight leg, kick up)

Med ball cleans
Strict HSPU

10 min Amrap
5 strict HSPU
10 Med ball cleans 20/ 14

Strict hspu: Box/ couch hspu, shoulder press, kipping hspu
Medball clean: catch high controlled squat down, dB cleans

Cool down
Arm raises
Shoulder shrugs
Trunk rotations
Hip swings
Wrist stretch
Downward dog
Child pose