For Sundays Questions of the day we had many great answers. The questions were: what is a rule that you live by? And how would it make a positive impact if others followed it?

Answers ranged from don’t assuming things people do are meant maliciously (until proven otherwise), be your word, always read the blog post, and show kindness to others. These are all great but we will focus on mistakes are how you learn.

This one spoke to me as I made an mistake on Sunday’s workout. I thought it was a 5km run when in fact it was a make up day. What a thing to mess up, right, but huge thank you to the classes for stepping up, being adaptable and preparing for what comes with the unknown and unknowable. I will keep a closer eye on the upcoming workouts in the future.

As a younger person I was scared to death of mistakes. What does a mistake say about me and how will it impact others? You probably know someone who tries not to challenge themselves so mistakes never get made and to avoid embarrassment. But think about everything of value that you have done. You definitely made a mistake or two and you are still here. You probably have more knowledge than before because of the mistakes you have corrected.

For Tuesday’s workout if you are challenged by the movements use your mistakes to help you learn; or as my favourite coach used to say “Do it again but don’t suck this time.” So actionable and wise, I will use this for any blog post mistakes in the future.

Thank you to Sundays classes for your thoughtful answers. Being willing to forgive yourself and others for mistakes will give you the ability to keep learning and making better decisions. This being said I am about 95.3% sure I got Tuesday’s workout right.


Warm up

3 rnds

1 min of each

Scapula rocks, OS  push up , full body rock

Get ups, roll ups , TGU

Inch worm, bear crawl, inch worm pike push up


Hang Dumbbell Squat cleans




Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans


Cool down

Arm circles

Shoulder circles

Trunk rotations

Downward dog

Child pose