June 1 2015

Woke tiredly to alarm.  Certainly under slept.

Chicken, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice
After breakfast a pleasant walk to work, a warm Vancouver morning.

The Group Classes did the 6x400m Run.  for the men Sandman posted the best time but Mighty Mouse & Captain were almost as fast and running head-to-head provided much more excitement.  For the women G-Money & Quicksilver pushed each other to post the top women’s times.

Breakfast #2
Chicken & guacamole, berries & coconut milk

After the morning classes I had an unexpected intro.

We had our first 9:15am class with 3 attendees.  A good start.

The Touch, Sunghee & I did our CrossFit WOD

Overhead Squat Pyramid

I aimed to start a bit light working up to 80% of my one rep max in the first single, edge it up a bit more for each single then go down a bit heavier.  The goal here is not to hit a 1 rep max but to get some good volume at appropriately challenging weights.  Sometimes plans work out and this was one of those times.  I think it was exactly the right level of challenge.


Felt like a solid WOD.

Beef & sweet potato curry, banana, berries & coconut milk

Lunch #2
As above – no banana

Chicken sausage & veggies, berries & coconut milk

After the noon class I raced to get work done before Fundamentals at 4pm.  Then the 5pm group class and our first Open Gym at 6pm which was well-used.  Team Savage at 7pm then no one came for 8pm.

Headed home early.  A light sprinkling as I walked up Dunbar but it didn’t turn into a proper rain.

Glad to get home with a few minutes before bedtime.  Ate some grapes.

Could not quite get to sleepy.  Neighborhood noisy tonight for some reason.  Was past 11pm by the time I finally slept.