Old School Warm Up:

9 mins on repeat slow mo.

50 jumping jacks

40 squats

30 lunges

20 sit-ups

10 push-ups


2 Rounds

30 weighted stand-up to step-up

300 m run

30 single arm DB squat to stand to push press

300 m run

30 med ball push-up to overhead lunge

300 m run

Finish: 50 DB L-Overs plus 50 MB Sit-ups (break up as desired i.e. 10 L-Overs, 10 MB Sit-Ups to 50 each)

WOD Notes:  300m run route is 6th and Highbury and back. Use DB or Med Ball for weighted stand-up/step-up.  Select weight that keeps you moving at steady pace. Think quality reps vs. speed.  Slow = strength.  Spend a second or two at bottom of squat before standing tall and dipping for push-press.   Hug MB to chest and lunge if hold overhead out.

Home Gym/No equipment version: Sub 90 second mix of burpees/squat thrusts/mountain climbers for run. Do a stand-up and then step up on a chair or bench. If no sturdy option available for step up, jump over and back an object. Complete 30 slow squats and 30 pike push-ups for push press, do 30 counter pushups and 30 lunges holding a book or other household object overhead.  L-overs can be done over a can and combined with regular sit-ups done slowly.

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To a good week of workouts!