July 20 2015

4:15am came awful early.  (0)

Tried to stand and found plantar fasciitis in right foot that has been much improved (almost 80% better) the past couple months has flared up in a big way.  Could hardly put weight on my right foot at first.  what could have set it off yesterday?

kangaroo jerky, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice (+2)

As I walked to work the foot gradually warmed up and the sharp pain receded to a dull ache. (-1)

A full morning with lots to keep me busy and not enough time for today’s CrossFit WOD that I knew would take me a long time.  Sunghee dropped Kaelin off on her way to work.

Breakfast 2
Chicken, berries & coconut milk

Lunch same

In the afternoon I faced my monster WOD.

10 Rounds
10 Alternating Pistols
15 Pull Ups

The HSPU seemed ridiculously easy to me especially juxtaposed with the very difficult pistols and high volume pull ups.  Knowing the rounds would be long and slow and to balance things out I decided to use parallette HSPU.  This is the first time I’ve completed 50 parallette HSPU in a WOD and I managed them all in unbroken sets of 5.  Not bad.

The pistols represented my main challenge.  Decided to start off using a 25# to counter balance.  The first few rounds I seemed to make progress and get more efficient.  But by round 5 I was struggling.  Reps 49 & 50 took a combined 8 minutes including many failed attempts.  When I finally got rep 50 done I was 55 minutes into the WOD.  My low back was tight and aching from being in flexion.  In Round 6 I changed to a single white banded pistol which proved a much easier progression.  In contrast the second half of the WOD took less than 25 minutes.  Felt a bit discouraged but must keep in mind that a month ago I was struggling to do pistols with the white band and now I find it easy.  It is slow but there is progress.

With the long breaks between rounds I was able to achieve my goal of unbroken 15 pull ups every round.  I would butterfly kip the first 10-12 reps then regular kip for the balance.  By the end it was a struggle but I made it through.  I felt like I maintained a great hollow position but watching the video I don’t look as tight as I pictured and I am still way too slow.  Needs work.  Perhaps needs coaching.

Finished at 1:17:42 feeling more like the bug than the windshield.  Have been feeling that a lot lately.  (-3)

Chicken & cucumber salad, berries & coconut milk

Not a hectic but a productive afternoon as I wrapped up some long outstanding work.  Then a full evening of coaching.

A sticky Vancouver evening as mosquitoes hounded me up Dunbar Street.  Have they ever been this bad?  Again Sunghee rescued me picking me up halfway home.  Was hungry and intended to eat but too tired.  Just went to bed instead.

Daily Totals
Sleep 0
Sun 0
Walk -1
WOD -3
Food +2

Balance 0