We are not from here and we have traveled extensively so we feel we have some measure of objectivity when we declare Vancouver is the best city in the world.  We have lived in many neighbourhoods but have loved none as much as we love Dunbar Street.  Our CrossFit Empower community is the best.

We have been so blessed to be surrounded by such great people.  And we want more like you!

Since opening on Dunbar Street we have grown to about 75 members.  It has been a great start.  In order to keep growing the business, to maintain/replace equipment, keep  paying our coaches and to cover rising lease rates we will need to continue growing.  Our target is 100 members!

But we don’t want just anyone.  We want awesome people.  We want people like you!

Awesome marketer HHH sat down with us and listened to our marketing plans and asked “Do you really want to invest time and energy marketing to strangers or would you rather get more people like the ones you already have?”

Her suggestion: the Bring-A-Friend Event.  Brilliant!  After all, who else could be as awesome as you?  The people who are already a part of your life of course!

Think of it, from Quicksilver came BFG, Shine, Doc Disc, Ricochet, Velocity, Stealth, Terminator, Jen X & Fast Ball all awesome members of our community!  From Bruiser came FeProf, HHH, Motor, Smash & Manners.  How awesome is that?  Great people beget great people!

Who are the awesome people that you know?  Who would you like to hang out with more?  We want to meet them.  We think you are awesome so if you think they are awesome we expect that we will agree.

Thank you to everyone who supported us by bringing out friends to Sunday’s Bring-A-Friend event.

At 8am FeProf, Motor, Bruiser & Smash brought out Paula & Gord.  Quicksilver, BFG & Velocity brought John for a total of 3 teams!
At 10am Captain brought Eleni & Raina, Pom Pom & Super Mario brought Becca and Mongoose brought Monika for another 3 teams!
Thank you so much for your support!  Thanks HHH for the wonderful idea!

Please help us reach our goal of 100 great community members.  Let us know what we can do to make it easy for you to introduce the awesome people in your life to our CrossFit Empower community.