What fun we had!

Here’s who showed up at Dunbar Street Vancouver for July 29th Moving Day

Devious Team Early Riser & Resourceful Team Early Riser
The cunning Early Risers packed all heaviest weights handles-down inside the tire in order to slow down the next team.  It was creative and conniving and mean-spirited.  I love it!

But team Sunrise had the highland might of Music Man on their side.  Thanking the earlier crew for their great packing job Music Man ipended the tire weights and all and rolled the whole thing around the block!

Clever Team Beauty Sleep & Coordinated Team Lunch Break
Adventure is a work horse and hauled twice her share of equipment with tireless strength matched by few today.  If you younger ladies saw how she hauled weights that most struggled with you would not believe it!  But while Adventure toiled Shine planned taking the heaviest kettelbells that the all woman team struggled to carry and loading them inside the tire where the women could team up and roll it.  Nicely done!

Team Lunch Break did have the advantage of Brick’s muscle to help them but what separated them is that they did not depend on him to carry the team.  Rather they coordinated their efforts and teamed up in such a way that each member maximized his/her potential.  You can’t argue results and the noon crew really got it done!

All Ladies Team After Work & Open Gym Team Anarchy

It may have been an all-woman’s team but these are some strong women!  They sure put today’s only all-men’s team to shame knocking burly Tea Early Riser off the podium!

You wouldn’t expect a lot of cohesion in a haphazard crew that all came out for an Open Gym time and included two brand new rookies but Team Anarchy made a solid run at Team Lunch Break’s top spot.  Of course having the combined might of Dr. T & super Mario did not hurt!

Team Night Owl closes out the day
Antonia stepped off a plane from Austria right into a CrossFit WOD.  The girls of Team Night Owl leaned pretty heavily on Mighty Mouse who worked as hard as today’s earlier heavy hitters to try to compensate for his team’s attendance disadvantage.

1st Place: Team Lunch Hour 25:36
2nd Place: Team Anarchy 26:43
3rd Place: Team After Work 29:08

It was an entertaining day.  Keep an eye out for the video!