This workout was a really good one. I came in early Sunday morning dragging my feet a little but once I got started it was really fun. How do you plan to get the most out of this one?

The workout is three rounds of five muscle ups, nine hang power cleans, seven push jerks, and fifty double unders. Is there a movement that stands out to you as needing more work than the others? For you zoomers come with something to lift, a good pull up and dip variation and we will make sure you get a great workout.

Mentally I found as soon as I made the decision to get it done things fell into place. The workout even turned out way better than I thought it would.  I don’t know if you have ever had the experience of being physically present but mentally being very checked out?  This has been me recently; it just feels like so many things are taking my attention. One trick that I have found helpful is becoming present to the task at hand and trying to stay focused on one thing at a time.

How I do this is simple using a timer. If you have too many important tasks in your head try to set a timer to each task. We already do this in the gym and now I have used this to help with emails, reading, and even blog posts. Try it next time you are slacking on warming up, or any other task. Just preset an amount of time and get it done.

Sometimes getting started is the toughest part, in those moments commit to getting it done and even set a specific amount of time to the task when you are really stuck. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.



Qod:  Could you live without the internet?

Warm up

3 rnds

5 lat pull ups/ bent over rows

5 roll ups

10 beat swings/ bent over rows

10 body rocks


Clean drops plus jerk


Muscle up





3 rnds

5 muscle ups

9  HPC 105/155

7 Push Jerks 105/155

50 DU

Cool down

Calf drops

Shoulder circles

Down ward dog

Child pose

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