When is the last time you learned something new?



This week I was fortunate enough to introduce two new members to double unders and, everyone’s favourite Olympic lift, the snatch. This is always a fun day as a coach to watch new people really extend themselves and commit to learning something new. For one of the two members they came in dreading our session. In fact as they came in they said “I have never been able to skip.  I can barely get one.”


What would you do in this situation? You come into the gym, classroom, work environment and see something not in your wheel house. Would you be the person who shies away and does not put their full effort into that task to save from embarrassment? Or do you dive right in and do the best you can, be coach able and try learning and improving? For this new member they choose the latter and managed to get twenty six consecutive single unders by the end of the hour! For all of us that have struggled with the skipping rope you know how huge this is.

As adults we can stay in our comfort zone. Do the things that only come easy to us but as Corey has said in a recent blog (The Big 10) strengthening our weakness within those ten general physical skills will have the biggest positive impact on our fitness. With all this being said, what will you take on this week? What skills do you want to develop? It does not just have to be a gym movement. Sometimes we forget the point of CrossFit is to apply our fitness outside of the gym as well. My non gym skill challenge this last week was making quinoa for the first time. Step one is complete, it was edible, now step two for next time will be to make it taste good. If you have any tips for step two please leave them down below.

For tomorrows make up day you can do a workout you missed, try the one that was added, or take time to learn and develop a new or old skill. What new skill are you going to try and learn in or out of the gym this coming week?

Sunday Make up day

1. Bike & Shoulder press


500m Bike

15 Shoulder press ½ body weight


3 rnds

500m Bike

12 shoulder press


3 rnds

500m bike

9 shoulder press


2. 2008 CF Final

30 Squat clean And Jerks 155/105


3. 2 rnds

1 mile run

100 sit ups


4.40 mins SLIPS


5. 50-40-30-20-10

Med ball Cleans 20/14#

Box jumps 24/20”