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Where’s Waffle?  At the gym! Congratulations furry one! You, my dog friend, lead the charge of Empower furry champions into 2024.  Waffle, January’s Dog of the Month, is the fast, spirited pal of Empower members’ Livewire and Spice.   He has a mind of his own and suits his owners perfectly.  Frequently tired from charging around  in nature, when he comes to the gym, he usually rests in a corner while Livewire works out.  Read his amusing story, as told by Livewire, below.

How did you get your dog?

Spice has friends in Nanaimo and told us they only had the runt left so, we took him.

What does your dog love to do?

Chase squirrels and rabbits in forests. Big swimmer. Sleeping as close as possible to us in bed.

What role does your dog play in your health and fitness?

I walk about 7 km a day with him.  When we come home, he’s there to greet us, wagging a tail full of love.  He has totally changed my thinking about life because his life is so short and he lives every minute to the max.  My mental health has definitely changed for the better because of him.

Any other dog tales to share?

One day in Surrey, parked in a mall, he saw a black squirrel. I was on the phone and the (van) window was open. He jumped out the window and chased the squirrel into Starbucks. Complete, utter, chaos. Finally got him back on leash. Nightmare.

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