Happy New Year!

2015 was an amazing year for our CrossFit Empower community!  In March our CrossFit Open competitors made us proud.  You finished an average of 100 places higher than in 2014!  That not only means that you improved, you improved in comparison to other CrossFitters in Vancouver and beyond.  Not a bad start for our little Dunbar Street community.

But that was early in the year.  Since that time both competitors and non-competitors alike have been on a tear.  August through December have been our best months as you celebrated major breakthroughs:  first pull ups, first T2B, first HSPU, first muscle ups, first double unders, first pistols…  It has been amazing.  At the same time you keep getting stronger, moving bigger loads, improving your technique:)

2015 saw a lot of new members join our ranks.  You referred some great folks.  It is the best way to grow our community, by bringing in the awesome people that you love to spend time with.  If you like them, bet we will too!  And we have a new batch already signed up to join us in 2016.  We are currently at 73 members and are pushing for 100 members by April 2016.

So here is what is happening the first month of 2016:


  1. Saturday Team WOD
    We had a very successful 2015 CrossFit Open, our goal is to crush it in 2016.  To that end we have added a CrossFit Team WOD 3-4:30pm Saturday afternoons.  Our first 10 sessions focused on core & grip strength plus competitive skill development.  Now with only 8 weeks until the Open we are changing gears to develop your aerobic & anaerobic engines.

    You do not have to be a competitor to join the Saturday Team WOD, it is fun for everyone.  Come join us and help us get ready for competition.

  2. KidFit After School Program
    Fall 2015 we had a lot of success with our KidFit After School Program.  It was popular enough to continue it in the New Year.  It is ideal for kids in the range of 10-13 years old.  We are scheduled for Wednesdays 3:15-4:15pm starting January 6th through to March 9th (10 sessions).  The cost is $255 per child.  We will cap the class at 6 participants.  If demand is high enough we may split the group by adding a Tuesday or Thursday class.
  3. Four Pillars Challenge
    Kyle of Fuel Your Fire is putting on an inter-CrossFit nutrition challenge that you want to participate in because nothing will help you achieve your fitness goals better than combining good nutrition with great training.  It looks fun and easy.  It will begin January 17th and end February 28th.  You want to do this!  Stay tuned for more details.
  4. Hitting 100
    We are very serious about growing our community to 100 members strong.  The best way to help is to refer someone you love.  We are very grateful for every fantastic person you introduce to us. Driven also shared another suggestion on how you can help us reach our target:
    Driven: “I was filling out the survey for 2015 “best of Vancouver” and I entered “Crossfit Empower” for best cross fit gym of course.  People can use the link below and don’t have to enter something in every category – they can just scroll to page 8.   I just think you should win that title because you deserve it! It’s good publicity if you win 1,2 or 3rd place.https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/32SQM6J

    We have a lot of goals to strive for in 2016 I look forward to achieving them together!