“Do you think this one should have a name?”  That was the question I had for one of my personal training clients after completing this twenty minute AMRAP. He did not disappoint with a great name and reason for the name. On Sunday after your workout you will have the same opportunity.  What would you name this one?

The observation was perfect, It starts out fine but in the end it is very suffocating. The funny part is that was my exact same experience, for the first three quarters no problem. But for the last quarter it felt like my mask ways trying to slow me down. Pro tip bring an extra mask for after the workout.

No part of this one is hard but it may sneak up on you. For our zoomers make sure you have pull up, and med ball clean options.  For the deficit push up we may just do regular push-ups. If you have issues keeping a solid hollow position on your push up please do not put your feet on anything.

I look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.



QOD: what would you name this workout?


Warm up

3 rnds (1 minute each)

Inch worm

Hollow to superman roll

Stand ups


Strict pull ups

Deficit push ups

Med ball cleans


20 minute amrap

4 strict pull ups

8 push ups with feet on a box 20/24

12 med ball cleans 14/20

Cool down

Hip swings

Shoulder circles

Trunk rotations