“It does not matter how slowly you go, only that you do not stop.” –Confucius

Sometimes we are in a huge hurry to get to the finish line. This rush can lead to some missed steps along the way.  Skipping steps on your movements or on your rehab can lead to bad outcomes. As a coach the times I am most worried for an athlete is when they are seventy percent back from a setback or some serious time off. It is because you will feel pretty much one hundred percent but your body is not yet ready to perform at one hundred percent.  If you skip that last thirty percent it can lead to more steps on your journey later on.  Next time you are on the comeback trail, at around that seventy percent mark; give yourself twenty workouts of movement focus back. Before you decide to push it. This will allow you to learn what you need to learn and allow you to bounce back to your one hundred percent safely.

On your movement skipping steps will sometimes get you a passable skill. But it can also lead to the inability to truly master the movement fully. I have many stories of very strong people having to go back to an empty bar to relearn and complete the step they missed the first time. In these moments it can be more frustrating to go back to A rather than working through to Z a little slower. By not skipping anything along the way it can be a slower go but you will have true master. My issue was with double unders. I had to go back to slow loopy singles, for months, to be able to string more than thirty together. By being patient and learning all the steps you will be able to troubleshoot and refine your skills as you move along.


Now we have the theory, how can you use this idea to help you be patient with where you are now?

You may want the pull up, muscle ups, two times body weight deadlift, etc. Reach out to an Empower coach if you need some assistants in finding what steps you need or are missing. Remember that you are running your own race. We will help you get the movements you want in the time it takes to do it right. Your time spent will not be a waste; it will be an opportunity for you to learn all you need to know. It’s okay if it takes a little longer to do it.

As a coach the movements that are the hardest for me, are usually the movements I can teach you the best. Because I spent so much time refining them and trying different things. On the other hand, over the years I have had to go back and learn about the movements that have come more natural to me. So I would be able to teach you and find the right step to support you.  Try to enjoy running your own race and be open to the gain of your journey rather than the gap. Enjoy the little progress as it happens and you will stay on the journey. With your movements, or coming back from a set back, be present and don’t allow for any skipped steps. It may take more time but anything worth doing is worth doing right.


Warm up

2 rnds

3/3 TGU

10 lat pull ups/ L raise lat pull up

5 Tempo Air squats (3,3,3,0)


Med ball races


Wod movements


3rnds (15 reps each)

OHS 65/95#

L-pull ups

Split Jerks 65/95#


Hang cleans 65/95#

Weighted Hip Extensions 15/25#

Cool Down