Vancouver’s Dunbar Street saw some action today as our athletes took on Team Series Event #6.

I love this WOD so I was sorry to miss coaching it but though it was my day off, I did get to cover the noon class and watched our noon regulars take it on!

I also got to read the white board and see the great scores that folks put up!

Our team competitors Dangers, Still Waters, Bruiser and The Touched averaged 5:30 each when they did this in team format.

Here are the RX’d scores for the rest of us:

Hard Rock 8:12
Clue 8:38
Thunder 10:30 (after a 3-month layoff and sporting a nasty cold!)

Sandman 4:18!
Mr. Fantastic 4:21!
Dangers 4:47 (almost a minute faster than last week!)
Dr. T 6:05
Super Mario 7:11
Music Man 9:23
Big Cat 15:59

Great work everyone!