Do you remember that time when we were in lockdown and we all had to improvise our workouts from home with whatever was available to us?


Well, at least for now, those times are behind us.  High intensity group class training is back on the menu!  It has been rewarding to see the wide grins on the faces of our coaches who after 7 long months can finally ply their craft again.

In Zen Planner we have updated the schedule to reflect the changes.  Times marked “Group Class” will be coached classes performing the posted workout of the day along with participating Zoomers.  We will all begin together on the hour and finish together 10 minutes before the end of the hour (9:15am, because they insist on being different, will continue to start at 9:15am).  Please come to these sessions prepared to work together as a class and to stay for the full 50 minutes.

We will continue to offer Open Gyms in their traditional time slots.  These are marked as such and will not be coached as the coach on duty will usually be involved in personal training or testing an upcoming workout.  You may arrive and depart as per your convenience and use the time to work in your station on the skills of your choice.  The Open Gyms are best suited for experienced CrossFitters who do not require any workout or movement instruction or for members working on basic skills that they can do independently.  Please come to Open Gyms prepared to manage your own workout.

For now we remain limited to 7 stations and masks are still mandatory.  Out of consideration for other members, please only book classes you know you will attend or cancel before the cancellation window.  If you are waitlisted, check inside the cancellation window to see if you got in.  If you have decided you will not attend a class, please remove yourself from the waitlist before the cancellation window.

Though coached group classes are available effective this past Tuesday June 15th, we are still running quasi-open gyms in each time slot up to and including Sunday in order to allow us all to adjust to the change.  As of Monday June 21st open gym activities will be restricted to the posted open gym times. 

Friday Team Up
This was a big WOD.  I was not willing to do all 3 rounds so I scaled by starting in round 2.  Even still, my traps were lit up for a couple days from all the handstand walks.  But you lucky duckies will not have to fly solo through this one as we’re going to celebrate our return to high intensity group classes by taking this one down tag team style, one partner working at a time!

The Row
An Echo Bike, Airdyne or Ski Erg or even a run can substitute for the row.  It should equal 2 minutes of effort for every 500 metres of rowing.  

The Handstand Walk
There will not, of course, be sufficient room for COVID-compliant handstand walking in the gym so we will be substituting our favourite movement from the 2021 CrossFit Open: the wall walk!  1 wall walk = 1m HSW

The Rope Climb
You can do these from lying on the floor (3=1 climb) or if at home or on the lifting platform, you can substitute 10 pull ups or inverted rows per climb.

Equipment: Rower or alternative, rope climb or pull up bar or alternative

Warm Up
3 Rounds
1 min Row
1 min Bear in a Box
2 Rope Climbs from lying on back to standing

WOD: Online Semi Finals Event 5
In teams of 2, 1 partner working at a time:
For time:
2,000-m row
60-m handstand walk
5 legless rope climbs, 15 ft.
1,000-m row
40-m handstand walk
4 legless rope climbs, 15 ft.
500-m row
20-m handstand walk
3 legless rope climbs, 15 ft.

Cool Down