June 11 2015

People often ask what I do with my days off.  They should be asking what don’t I do?  Well, I apparently don’t take the day off.

5:30am I dragged myself out of bed to throw in the laundry.  Did blog, posted photos, answered emails.  Ate breakfast.

Chicken burger with coleslaw, berries & coconut milk, 2 prunes

CrossFit HQ scheduled today as a rest day but since I have to be at CrossFit anyhow I wanted to get a 4th WOD done in a row.  But the way my body felt today after HeroWOD Servais suggested I reconsider.  Maybe if it was a smaller WOD but the heavy clean & jerk day is not what I needed so I took a forced day off.  I didn’t even walk.

Sunghee & I drove Kaelin to school then to CrossFit.  I got some work and some errands done.  Ate.

Chicken burger & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk
Then met with Big Boss & The Touch.  From there to fundamentals.

Took a ride home with Sunghee, then ate.  Same as above.
Then drove to meet Big Boss at a friend’s CrossFit box hoping to help him out.  From there took transit to pick up Kaelin from school.  We walked home my first opportunity to enjoy the sunny Vancouver day with a refreshing breeze.

Kangaroo jerky, berries & coconut milk

Out of food, I cooked some more & ate while Kaelin & I watched Game of Thrones.

Salmon & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk
Kaelin did homework.  I worked on bookkeeping.  Also fell asleep briefly.  So tired!  But had to go back to work.  Kaelin chose to stay home and finish homework as I caught bus in to teach a 7pm fundamentals class.  Got a lift home down Dunbar from Lionel.

Just enough time to finish bookkeeping & eat before bed.

Chicken burger & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk
That was it for my “day off”.  Slept gratefully waking only briefly when Sunghee returned from set.