The month of August held some significant, time-consuming distractions and therefore some non-essentials had to be set aside temporarily as more urgent, time-sensitive priorities were dealt with, but delayed is not forgotten.

Early this year we launched the 20 in 2020 challenge to see which Empower members could maintain an attendance of 20+ classes per month for the entire year.  Of course, no one realized at the time the challenges 2020 would throw our way.

All the more impressive then that these members have now maintained exemplary attendance for 8 full months regardless of the obstacles set before them.  And I promise you that between them our contenders have faced every obstacle you have and more!

Some have had to get WODs done without equipment, with injuries, via Zoom or at home alone.  There’s been illness, family dramas, lack of motivation and some real soul searching.  But through it all they’ve continued to prove to themselves and to the rest of us that they are capable of showing up and getting it done no matter what life throws in their way.

They are now two thirds of the way through the challenge and on the home stretch with only 4 months to go before reaching the goal line.  Of course 2020 isn’t done with us yet and they have some seriously smokey conditions to contend with over the next few weeks but then again, don’t we all?

Based on the reports available to me at this time your current 20 in 2020 front runners are: Motor, Dauntless, Shine, Shades, Smash, HHH, Fierce, and Sprite.  Keep it up guys, you are almost there!

Monday WOD

Monday’s workout is easy to do from anywhere as it requires little equipment, space or time to complete.  While we may not have abmats for everyone, if you are on the wait list for a class Monday I assure you we can fit you in!

Warm Up
1 min Breathing
1 min Head Nods/Rotations
1 min Dead Bug
1 min Egg Roll
1 min Windshield Wiper
1 min Rocking Chair
1 min Bird Dog
1 min Hands & Knees Rock
1 min Side-to-Side Hands & Knees Crawl
1 min Side-to-Side Leopard Crawl
1 min Full Body Rock
1 min Cross Crawl
1 min Reverse Lunges
1 min Squat Hold

Air Squat POP
Sit Up Standards

2 mins Squats
2 mins Sit Ups
90 secs Squats
90 secs Sit Ups
1 min Squats
1 min Sit Ups
30 secs Squats
30 secs Sit Ups

Cool Down
Dragon/Pigeon Pose
Quad Stretch
Frog Pose
Cobra Pose