June 12 2015

4:15am Alarm.  A tough week.  A tired morning.  Quite windy though and that helped wake me up as I walked to work.  Last night’s windstorm left small branches scattered across Vancouver sidewalks.  Grateful that Sunghee has the day off work finally and can deliver Kaelin to and from school making my day much less hectic.

The CrossFit classes had a fun 5 round WOD.

After the early classes & coaching fundamentals I faced a big one:

3 Rounds
7 Bar Muscle Ups
7 Squat Clean & Jerks @205#

I have not ever done 21 clean & jerks at 205# before so it looked tough.  Still not feeling recovered from HeroWOD Servais.  Strange that when I started CrossFit cutting carbs improved my performance but now increasing carbs improves my performance.

The torn labrum in my right shoulder was painful throughout the bar muscle ups.  Usually it gets better as I warm up but not today.  I was wary of it but it didn’t worsen and was just fine after the WOD was over.

My back bothered me a bit through the first 6 clean & jerks.  Was not sure I would be able to finish 2 more rounds.  But as I slowed down and took longer rests my form got better and my back felt happier.  I did not go fast finishing at 56:23 but I didn’t injure myself and felt just fine afterwards.

Showered, stretched & ate quickly before noon class.  After that we had an intro.  Then a couple hours to get my day’s work done.  For the 2nd day in a row I fell asleep face down on my keyboard.  It was only for about 10 minutes but boy did I feel tired!

Had enough time to do my usual Friday afternoon extra training but my body just too fatigued.  Decided to give it a pass.  It has been a hard week and I have a long day tomorrow.

After the evening classes Team Savage was in for their graduation day.  Then I walked home along Dunbar.  Hungry I ate one more time then to bed.  Sleep was right there waiting for me.

Chicken burger, berries & coconut milk

Breakfast #2
Salmon & cucumber salad, berries & coconut milk

Chicken burger & coleslaw, banana, berries & coconut milk


Lunch #2
Salmon & veggies, berries & coconut milk
Pork & Rice, berries & coconut milk