2020 has really tested the mettle of the CrossFit community.  Gym closures threatened our survival and then a careless tweet almost splintered our community.  But we’re a resilient bunch and we hung tough through the storms and like anyone who has ever survived a challenging HeroWOD, came through stronger and better than before.

The totally unexpected change of ownership has breathed new life into CrossFit and given all of us hope for the future of our incredible worldwide community.  Take a look at the video above and I’m sure you’ll see why I believe new CrossFit CEO and owner Eric Roza may be the best thing to happen to CrossFit since, well, Greg Glassman.

A little optimism is a wonderful thing to have right now as we enter the winter months.  Our case manager has found our updated COVID-19 Safety Plan meets all the criteria necessary to warrant a return to group classes.  Unfortunately the PHO has ordered a freeze on all approvals so he must wait before giving us the green light.  For all the work we’ve done to jump through the hoops required in order to reopen group classes there are rumours and rumblings that the whole city may face another shut down sometime in December.  Maybe sooner.  It may only be for a couple weeks.  It may be longer.  Whatever it turns out to be, we would like to be prepared.

This Saturday November 21st at 3pm we will be hosting an Empower Zoom Townhall to discuss suggestions on how to better handle a shut down particularly in regards to equipment access.  It is my experience that our membership generally comes up with better, cleverer ideas than I ever could so we’re going to put that to the test. First I’ll tell you my proposed plan, then Saturday you can bring a better plan to our townhall to discuss.

WF Equipment Sharing Plan 2020
– Split community into time cohorts, identify the time zone you most frequently attend, we will call that your time zone.  We should come up with 8 distinct groups: 5am, 6am, 7am, 9:15am, Noon, 5pm, 6pm, Weekenders.
– Exchange contact info with everyone in your time zone and together come up with an equipment wish list.
– Based on your lists we will try to split up the equipment as evenly as possible taking into account the relative size of each group and the availability of certain items.  Your group may not get everything on your wish list but you will get as much of it as possible.
– These lists are to be made ASAP and be filed before the next shut down so time is of the essence.
– If/when the next shut down occurs a representative(s) from your time zone will come to collect your designated equipment, we will already know who is getting what.
– You can distribute the equipment to your group as your group decides works best.  No contact required, drop it at a doorstep and send a text alert.
– Your group can take turns exchanging equipment as makes sense to you to make sure everyone occasionally gets access to desired equipment that is in limited supply like a rower
– Your group may even swap with other groups if you are very enterprising but when we reopen your group will be responsible for returning the items you checked out

This seems like a bit of work upfront but it may be fairer than having a mad dash on equipment that leaves some members without access to desirable items while others who are quick responders get the lion’s share.  And maybe we get really lucky, we put in all this preparatory work and the anticipated closure never happens.  Either way, this time we will be prepared.

Wednesday WOD
HeroWOD Kelly Brown is a fun one.  For Zoom WODers training from home it may require a few adaptations but for members using the open gym times it will be an easy one to complete at your station as it requires little movement.

Equipment: Rower or alternative, PlyoBox or alternative, Barbell or alternative, Wall Ball or alternative

Warm Up
2 Rounds:
1 min Romanian Deadlifts
1 min Thrusters
1 min Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

WOD movements and alternatives

HeroWOD Kelly Brown
5 Rounds:
440m Row
10 Box Jumps
10 Deadlifts
10 Wall Balls

At-Home Adaptations:
Row: You can substitute a 400m run or about 2 minutes of any cardio activity, 44 light sumo deadlift high pulls are also an acceptable substitute
Box Jump: Be safe!  If you haven’t something you can safely jump on, try jumping over or you can do a 20/30″ broad jump instead, it will give a similar effect
Deadlifts: Barbell not required, find any reasonably heavy object including the end of your bed. Be safe but challenge yourself to get a bit heavy here.  If you have no heavy options consider increasing the reps to to match the total work of 1850/2750lbs per round.
Wall Balls: Thrusters are a perfect substitute and can be done with dumbbells, kettlebell, backpack or a barbell.

Cool Down:
Dragon Pose
Pigeon Pose
Hip Cross Overs
Downward Dog
Child’s Pose