Oct 24th Workout of the Day 20.5

I remember how thrilled I was when this workout presented itself last October. This was the final event of the 2020 CrossFit Games Open Competition. The workout consisted of wall balls and rowing, with a few muscle ups, or in my case, pull ups. I had a much different experience this go around. Even though in the thick of it, whilst I looked up at the 9ft ladies target, with the medicine ball staying almost glued to the gym floor under my feet, I knew that after it was all over I would have moved the needle in the correct direction. That’s just what happens at CrossFit. It’s almost as if Dave Castro (CrossFit’s HQ programmer) has ears everywhere anytime you mention “I haven’t seen wall balls come up in a long time”, and a couple of days later, surprise there’s 120 of them. Sometimes I feel the programming knows your weaknesses (or those few movements thou shall not be named) better than yourself.

The challenging part of this workout is not necessarily the wall balls. Its about strategically breaking up the 40 muscle ups or optional pull ups, ring rows, or jumping chest- to-bar depending on you, with the 80 cal row, bike or ski erg alongside 120 wall balls. You will have 20 minutes to complete as many reps as possible. Where strategy comes into play, is breaking this up into manageable sets. Some options include; 10 sets of 12 wall balls, 8 calorie row and 4 muscle-ups. Or sets of 4 with 20 cal row, 30 wall balls, and 10 muscle-up/progression of your choosing. It’s your choice.

Equipment you will need upon entry to your station is a PVC pipe and a medicine ball or dumbbell for thrusters.

We will have 6 stations available with marked wall ball targets, pull up bars and a cardio machine. There will be only two ring muscle ups station at number 2 and 6. All waitlister’s will be on the platform doing dumbbell thrusters instead of wall balls and will have access to either a rower or bike and optional box muscle ups or inverted rows to substitute the muscle ups. There will additionally be an outdoor option for extra members.

Warm Up 2 rounds:
1 min each
Shoulder pass throughs/ around the worlds
Full body rock
Judo push ups
Ring rows/inverted rows
Hip swings round 1 left side round 2 right side

Tech: review all WOD movements

WOD 20.5:
20min time cap
in any order
40 muscle ups
80 calorie row
120 wall ball shots

Cool down:
Pigeon/dragon pose
Calf stretch
Lat stretch
Shoulder series

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