It is time for a lifting day. On Wednesday we will be taking on the overhead squat. If you are coming in for an open gym bring a coffee, and for the zoomers, without enough weight, you will be lifting for a minute and will keep track of your total reps. Zoomers you can do a single arm overhead squat If that is better with your available equipment.

I took this one on between sessions on Friday night. My focus was bar placement and making sure I was dropping under the bar on the behind the neck jerk. Everything felt pretty good and I enjoyed spending sometime refining my overhead squat. What will you focus on to move your game forward?

Thought of the day

The overhead squat was one of the most challenging movements for me when I started CrossFit. I remember struggling to get a pvc pipe overhead and when squatting the three ounce pvc felt like it weighed three hundred pounds. Since then I have built my overhead squat to over two hundred pounds for multiple reps. sometimes we get so caught up in the one rep max that we forget about the multiples. Your challenge is to be able to hit sixty percent of your one rep max with ease.

Do not just throw away the threes and the twos as warm up sets for tomorrow. Put in some good work and you will be able to improve your technique and strength for future personal bests. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.



QOD: What is a movement that you find challenging but really enjoy?

Warm Up (1 minute each)

Hip swings

Shoulder pass throughs

Samson lunges

Plate squats






( lift on the 5 minutes)

Cool down

Dragon pose/ pigeon pose

Wrist stretch

Downward dog/ cobra pose

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