CrossFit has grown dramatically worldwide since Empower started in 2008.  It has been fantastic watching people reap the rewards of an athletic lifestyle as they far surpass the modest fitness goals that they initially came to us hoping to achieve.

CrossFit has changed the fitness industry raising the bar on fitness.  Gyms, trainers and gym-goers have taken note and have responded.  Boot camps, HIIT training, Functional Fitness classes, all of these fitness trends were inspired by the effectiveness of the CrossFit training methodology.  And even though the fitness industry doesn’t quite get it, it is still a step in the right direction and, even without doing CrossFit, gym-goers are still reaping greater benefits than they did before CrossFit.

But success is a double-edged sword.  With CrossFit’s rapid growth some things get lost.  The culture of CrossFit changed in the post-2012 Reebok era, traditions once dear to our community a decade ago are foreign to most new CrossFit gyms, owners and coaches.

In the old days each CrossFitter received a nickname, a fun, distinct tribal identity.  Every group class began with introductions reinforcing the culture of fitness as a community pursuit.  There were no strangers or lone wolves, we were all in it together.  Visitors were welcomed and made part of the family.  There was no CrossFit gear, you showed up in what you owned: Yoga tights, running shorts, sweat pants, cut-off jeans or a tank top and your martial arts uniform pants.  We were here for fitness, not fashion.  We came from all walks of life, all demographics, united by our passionate pursuit of fitness, no hipster beards required.

Since 2012 CrossFit has become trendy but I suspect that like most things trendy, much of that will eventually fall out of style.  What will never go out of style are those CrossFit traditions which were integral to cultivating an amazing community of people.  At Empower we are committed to keeping that spirit alive!