A busy day today.  12-2pm we were joined by Olympic Bronze medalist Christine Girard.  Dangers, Mr. Fantastic, Still Waters, Shades, Bruiser, Steel, The Touch and I got excellent coaching in the snatch & clean & jerk as Dolly looked on in business attire.

I partnered first with Mr. Fantastic but he was lifting too heavy for me so I joined Shades instead.  A better match.  I know Shades was a bit intimidated to attend this class uncertain if her skills were advanced enough.  They were.  When she saw how much the rest of us struggled to grasp the finer points of lifting she realized we are all on this journey together and that there is a lot to work on for all of us!

Love Christine’s coaching!  Looking forward to the next one.
I have planned since July for the first Team training WOD.  I was so very excited and nervous about it.  In my mind I thought it would be great but you never know how a new lesson will go until you deliver it.

Bruiser, MK, Aquagirl, Shine, Yeti & The Touch came out for it.  Seven to start but only four to finish.

First we discussed mindset:

1) The best way to get fit is to do the HQ programmed WODs
2) This is supplementary training intended to be fun and not get overtrained
3) The Team WOD is optional, unscored, open to everyone and done in teams
4) September through December will emphasize skill work and developing functional resilience (farm strength)
5) January & February will continue skill work while shifting the focus to more perishable conditioning

We reviewed the skills itinerary, only 16 movements we need to work on.

Then we did an 8-minute partner warm up.  Partner A hangs from pull up bar while partner B performs alternating Kettlebell Turkish Get Ups.  When partner A comes off the bar they switch roles.

After that we did about 8 minutes of double under practice.

Then we had 20 minutes to work on weaknesses.  I practiced pistols & muscle ups.

Finally it was WOD time!  Worn out, Bruiser departed at this time for some well-deserved rest so we split into 2 teams:

The Touch, MK, Aquagirl & Shine, Yeti, WOD Father

There were 4 stations.  Our team started on station #2 while MK’s team set out on station #1.  Our work period was defined by their departure as we would work until their return.  We aimed for as many pistols as possible in the time allotted with one catch: we could only pistol while one member held a handstand hold.  I was good at the handstand but Shine & Yeti had to carry me through the pistols.  Using a 20# counter balance I only managed a handful.

Then our teams switched roles.  Shine, Yeti & I attacked station 1 an 800m trip around Dunbar Street in the Vancouver rain.  We had to carry 2 sets of dumbbells and a beer keg between us.  We alternated loads with Yeti & I sharing the 50lb dumbbells.  As they grew slick with rain they got harder to hold.

When we finished the course it was on to stations 3 & 4.  The Touch abandoned his team so we gave MK & Aquagirl Shine figuring that two grizzled veterans like Yeti & I had a better chance of surviving as a duo.  Again they started out of doors while Yeti & I were in the gym.  One of us had to hold a double kettlebell rack hold while the other chipped away at T2B.  We reached the designated 60 reps before the other team returned.

Shine had to head home so MK & Aquagirl were alone in the gym as Yeti & I headed out for our last leg, another 800m around Dunbar this time laden with the sled plus 90# worth of plates and the horseshoe bag.  With only two it was quite a slog but we managed it.

We were totally spent but boy was it fun!  Hit different muscles than the usual WODs and so fun to train with other people:)  I love the team format.  I felt very satisfied that the lesson plan met my expectations and am even more excited for next week’s Team WOD #2!  Hope you can join us:)