Obesity, diabetes and other inflammatory states are associated with worse COVID-19 health outcomes.  And a worse life in general.  CrossFit has been providing a solution to lifestyle diseases for more than a minute now and while it may not be easy, it certainly isn’t complicated.  Get moving, stop eating crap.  CrossFit has thrown out a bunch of life rafts, 15,000 affiliates worldwide dedicated to rescuing those who want to be saved.  Not keen to get in a raft?  Intent on learning how to swim all by yourself?  No problem, I get you, I started out that way myself.   CrossFit provides all the resources you need online for free in order to save yourself, no strings attached.  It saved my life!  And transformed me so much that I decided to captain one of those rafts myself.  If you live in the neighbourhood and are tired of swimming solo, come check out Empower!

Super Hero Powers
Tuesday flying was the super power of choice with mind reading and invisibility taking second and third place among ZWOD participants.  Flying is pretty cool but personally I’d like a healing factor.  Just think of the training you could do if your body had unlimited capacity to heal.  I train to be super-fast and super strong and anytime I felt the urge to soar, I wouldn’t be afraid to go sky diving or hang gliding!

Can you imagine Sara Sigmundsdottir unable to kick up for a handstand?  She did not arrive at CrossFit already blessed with super powers.  In fact, she hadn’t participated in athletics before CrossFit.  She wasn’t a natural.  She worked hard for everything she has just like you and me.  When we’re struggling it’s easy to forget that struggle is part of every person’s journey.  It’s easy to look ahead at athletes more skilled than us and mistakenly believe that it all come easy to them.  I promise you it doesn’t.

Sit Often?
Here’s an Original Strength solution to help keep you limber.

Cooking Club

We had a wonderful salmon and salad dinner Tuesday night with Pepper.  Unfortunately due to a Zoom malfunction, our recording didn’t turn out so we are unable to share.  Hopefully we have better luck next week as Sprite will host us 6pm Tuesday night in her kitchen.  Register now to receive the ingredients list.

Friday WOD: On Hold
HeeHee and I explain and demo all the warm up and workout movements in the above video.  Please review it before attending Friday’s class!

Turkish Get Up weight
Floor Press weight

Warm Up
2 min each:
Scap Rock/OS Push Ups
Rock + Cross Legs
Rock + Cross Legs + Kneel Up
Rock + Cross Leg + Kneel Up + Stand

In 5 mins complete:
2 mins Handstand Hold
Max reps Floor Press
In 5 mins complete:
2 mins Squat Hold
Max reps alt. TGU
In 5 mins complete:
2 mins Plank Hold
Max reps Sit Up/Stand Ups

Cool Down
Scap Rock
Scap Rotations
Upper Body Rolls
Lower Body Rolls