Triangle Couplet
Thrusters @165#
Bar Muscle Ups

Not everyone can do this.

165# is a heavy thruster.  Bar muscle ups aren’t easy.

For a beginner walking into our box on Dunbar Street in Vancouver for the first time CrossFit can look daunting.  Some might watch me complete this WOD and despair they could never do this.  You can.  How do I know?  Because I did.

I started my CrossFit journey in 2005.  That’s 10 years ago.  I probably didn’t get my first bar muscle up until 2013.  I still find them challenging.  In 2013 a 135# thruster still seemed like a crushing load.  But I’ve gotten stronger.  And you will too.  If you keep working at it.

There’s no magic formula but persistence, consistency & patience.  Keep working and it will come.

The problem is perspective.  As far as I’ve come I may appear far distant from the beginner.  But from where I stand looking at the CrossFit Games athletes who blasted through this WOD in no time at all, I feel far away from where I want to be.  In fact, more distance separates me from 2015 CrossFit Games champ Ben Smith than separates the rank beginner from my level.

From my vantage you don’t look so far off at all.  So what if you haven’t done an unassisted pull up yet?  That’s just a starting point on your journey.    And we’re all on this journey.  Even Ben Smith.

In CrossFit there is always another mountain to climb.  I may be a few hills ahead of you but I’m looking off towards the terrain stretching to the horizon and charting my course forward into my future and yours.  Behind me I am laying a trail for you to follow.  I’ve been traveling a bit longer than you but I’m not so far ahead.  Don’t give up.  Be inspired rather than daunted.  Keep moving forward and you’ll soon catch up.  And you’ll love it here, the view is great!