Have you ever had the experience in life that sometime to move forward you need to take a step back? Whenever you start a new thing it seems like the path to success is only straight forward but as you know sometimes the path takes some unexpected detours.



Recently I have had many talks about what the RX’d (as prescribed) means and if every athlete should do every workout RX’d. Short answer no, longer answer the RX’d is there as a target and as a way to challenge all athletes. The prescription is important as a challenge of our current ability and to push us beyond what we think is possible. So essentially it is a ceiling not a floor. What we should reach for, not what the base of our ability should be.


I remember at the CrossFit level Two, the seminar staff, talking about programming above your client’s current level. This is to help motivate you and show you were you can get to. If you need help figuring this out, for yourself, please talk to us and we always love to geek out on this stuff. The goal for training is to challenge you, and to help you develop your skills. Scaling/ modifying allow us to make sure that training is not too hard and definitely not too easy.


Now the taking a step back part; what we are doing in the gym is training not competition. What this means for you is that you have a great opportunity to challenge yourself in different ways on different days. An example of this is, on Friday when I did the first Cut (4 rounds:  400m run, 3 legless rope climbs, 7 squat snatch 185/130) I used the foot pinch for my rope climbs and a slightly lighter snatch weight.


Now to make things clear I can do legless climbs but I needed this opportunity to work on my foot pinch. What made the need for practicing this clear is on Thursday I was teaching a client the foot pinch and realized my foot was slipping off the rope causing me to not be as efficient. This means that Friday’s workout was an opportunity to work on a skill that has been neglected.


In your first few years of training it seems like you are unstoppable. The path is always forward but eventually you will need to step back work on and look to refine your movement.  For example, if we are training on the deadlift look like a super hero not a cat taking a poop. If you can’t do the RX’d deadlift with a flat back (super hero) then we need to take a step back on the weight until you can. Your future self will thank you for these small steps back that will propel you forward.


Sunday Wod

Warm up

2 rnds

1 min Rock (os push up,full)

1 min leopard Crawl

1 min pvc OHS

1 min TGU


Ghd /v sit ups

Oh lunges

Handstand walk


Midline March

3 rnds

25 ghd sit ups

50 ft Handstand walk

50 ft OH lunges 115/155

Cool down

Trunk rotations

Wrist stretch

Hip cross overs

Child pose