Have you ever had one of those workouts where you are just not feeling it? Maybe you came in stressed about things outside of the gym or are tired from previous workouts.

Surely you can relate to this feeling.  This was how I felt as I took on 20.1, the first workout of the most recent Open. It was ten rounds of eight ground to over head and ten bar facing burpees. Unfortunately for us, this time we do not have the fifteen minute time cap to save us.

Rather than feeling threatened, I challenge you to look at this workout as a step forward in your fitness journey. As you know, we have good days and bad days of training but as long as we get the workout done, it will be a moral victory. A year from now it will not matter if the workout did not get done perfectly but you will be proud that you showed up for yourself.

20.1 did not go as smoothly for me this time around but the consistency of my training is the real pay off. Sometimes we get caught up in things being done perfectly but what we need is for you to show up, listen to the coaching, and take one small step forward on your fitness journey.


Warm up

3 Rounds

1 minute of each

Rocks (Scapula, os push up, full body)

Bear crawls

Plank (L,M,R)


Ground to over head

Bar over burpees



10 rounds

8 ground to over head 65/95

10 bar facing burpees

Cool down

Arm raises

Shoulder circles

Downward dog