This Saturday, we have the last workout of the semi-finals series, Grettel, on the menu. It is ten fast rounds of 3 clean and jerks and 3 burpees over the bar. The stimulus for this workout is continuous motion and therefore you should pick a weight that allows you to do unbroken sets through or for most of the workout. Due to space limitation, we do lateral burpees (parallel to the bar) in the gym.

For those of you on zoom, you can do the clean and jerk using a pair of dumbbells or an odd object such as a backpack.


See you all in the gym or on zoom.


Big Cat


Warm up (2 rounds, 1 minute each)

-Shoulder pass throughs
-Russian KB (or DB or Backpack) swing
-Judo Push Ups
-Handstand Hold
-Roll ups (rolling get ups)
-Bird Dog


-Clean Drops + Push Jerk sequence



Clean and Jerk
Bar Over Burpees



10 rounds for time of:
3 Clean and Jerks
3 Burpees over the bar


Cool Down

-Shoulder circles
-PVC pipe flag Pole
-Shoulder pullovers
-Downward dog/Child pose