On Tuesday you get a fun triplet of Muscle ups, dumbbell front rack lunges, and Double unders. While the semi final competitors made this one look really easy, over the weekend, I have to say the time cap was welcomed and created a great time frame to work on these skills.

You may not yet have a muscle up but today will be a great opportunity to challenge your pull ups and ring dips. Gymnastics movements can be tricky. The reason for this is you cannot see the five pound improvements like with weightlifting. But Good and intentional practice will keep inching you in the right direction with these skills. Make sure to challenge yourself and perform the best movement you can.

Db Front rack lunges were not the hard part of this one and if you look down below you will see a break down for the number of lunge in place each round. Because this movement is not much of a barrier, you will get a chance to work on another tricky movement, the double under.

For your double unders, try to keep a consistent jump, breath, and focus on something at your eye level. Double unders are a tough movement because  unlike many others you need to be calm and are unable to muscle it. If you happen to be unlucky enough to miss a rep, take a big breath, go to your happy place and focus on the reps you got rather than the one you missed. Most of you are strong enough to get these you just need to make sure your mind is focused.  We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gyms.



QOD:  What is the most interesting part of this workout for you?

Warm up

10 reps each

Hip swings

Shoulder pass throughs

Samson lunges

Calf raises

Lat pull up ¼ pull or bent over rows


3 rnds (1 minute)

Skipping (singles, cross, DU)

Rest ( during your rest minute do 5 lat pull ups, beat swings , and adjust rings)



DB Lunges



30 MU

30m DB Front Rack Lunges 35/50# (32 Lunges)

300 DU

20 MU

20m DB Front Rack Lunges 35/50# (20 Lunges)

200 DU

10 MU

10M DB Front Rack Lunges 35/50# (12 Lunges)

100 DU

25 Minute Time Cap

Cool down

Shoulder circles

Pass throughs

Grip stretch

Pvc flag pole

Child pose with pvc

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