CrossFitters start getting superstitious this time of year.  With the 2020 CrossFit Open scheduled to start in just over a week, we’re watched head quarters for any hints of what might be programmed.

Snatches are a movement we’ve seen in every Open to date but sometimes barbell snatches, other times the dumbbell version.  Am I the only one curious about why the rarely programmed kettle bell snatch came up in today’s WOD or why head quarters chose to feature an instructional video on this movement right now?

Who knows?  It could be a red herring but I wouldn’t bet on it.  I’d use today’s WOD as an opportunity to refine your KB Snatch skills.  This is not at all like a dumbbell snatch which is largely a brute force movement.  Technical efficiency in the KB Snatch can earn you a big advantage!

At this year’s CanWest Games I had a rough start out of the double unders in our second event.  By the time I finally fumbled through them, most of my competitors had finished their shuttle run and started on their KB Snatches.  It was obvious by their atrocious technique, as they tried to muscle the heavy kettle bell overhead, that most of them had never practiced this movement.  Lucky me.  While they tried to treat it like a dumbbell, I finessed my way through and passed many of them on my way to the next shuttle run.

Don’t avoid this movement because of bruised forearms.  Learn to do it correctly so that your forearms don’t get bruised.  It is a great lesson in timing and implement control!  Today’s lighter than usual loading is the perfect opportunity to build competence and confidence.